• A Quiet Retreat
  • A Lush Entry Garden
  • Come sit a spell in privacy
  • Unusable chimney waterfall
  • Foliage variety, color and texture for year round interest.
  • Study in colors.
  • Tranquil border.

You CAN have a beautiful yard...

I create the designs and you do the installation! Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Personal, customized scale landscape designs for your property. I create the landscape plans, detailed plant list and can consult during the installation.  I also do designs by mail using your plot plan and photos.

I focus on making your landscape fit your needs and lifestyle.

  •  •Low maintenance and eco friendly
  •  •Climate zone appropriate
  •  •Mature plant size fits the space
  •  •Beautiful texture and color
  •  •Provide beauty throughout the year
  •  •Exciting and practical
  •  •Installation can be done in phases
  •  •Fees by bid or hourly rate
  •  •Free One Hour Initial Site Visit

About Kathy Marshall

Since I was a toddler learning to walk I have been fascinated by flowers and the play of light and texture on foliage.

In 2000 I completed my Washington State Master Gardener certification. I was thrilled to attend David Stevens' Landscape Design Course in 2001. Mr. Stevens had won the world renowned Chelsea Flower and Garden Show in London 11 times and was chosen to design and implement the Princess Diana Memorial Rose Garden.

Professional Experience

I have over 30 years experience designing landscapes in a variety of climate zones including:

-Country residential acreages, W. Oregon.
-Hospital complex of 4 acres, Malawi, Africa.
-Residential properties, Malawi, Africa.
-Commercial and residential properties, Guam.
-Commercial, public and residential properties, E. Washington.
-City residences, Portland, Oregon and Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

I am a former member of the Hardy Plant Society of Portland and Salem Oregon Hardy Plant Society.

Since July 2015 I’ve been on leave from my business having fun traveling the US and Canada in our RV with my husband and 2 cats.  Please enjoy my photos.